Books I'm reading in 2022

So, like every year, in the first week of the year I plan my finances and my books to read. But this post is about books so here's what I bought and what I plan to buy

Books I'm reading in 2022
Photo by Tom Hermans / Unsplash

Personal development

  1. [RO] 50 de exercitii pentru a-ti imbunatati abilitatile de comunicare - Jean-Phillipe Vidal
  2. The charisma myth - Olivia Fox Cabane
  3. How to talk to anyone - Leil Lowndes
  4. The honest truth about dishonesty - Dan Ariely
  5. Words that change minds - Shelle Rose Charvet


  1. Conquest of happiness - Bertrand Russell
  2. [RO] Ispira de a exista - Emil Cioran

[Will update this post in June, after I finish reading the above ones]

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