Today is my birthday and...

I usually know this because my family tells me... but not this year, this years I'm setting goals! This is the years I start living!

Today is my birthday and...
Photo by Annie Spratt / Unsplash

I'm turning 32 and I have no idea what I accomplished in the last 10 years.
Yes, I have a beautiful daughter and the most awesome wife, a job, a house, multiple cars and a motorcycle... but something is missing.

So this is what I will accomplish before turning 35... It's a statement!

  1. ✅ Quit smoking - exactly one month since I smoked my last cigarette.
  2. 🟩 Connect with 50k people on Twitter / Become a micro influencer.
  3. 🟩 Make my first million dollars.
  4. 🟩 Help 100 people achieve their personal goal.

What I have done so far? Well, I started this blog 😁
As for the $1millon part... I have like $5k in savings and a few bucks on the stocks market. I also have some crypto 😹

I'll post goal updates on twitter... so follow me if you're interested.
This will also help me accomplish goal #2 ✌

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